No VIRUS in the whole world (everything is lie)

Answers from your country's highly educated elite civil servants

I tried to verify overseas disclosure documents as an example

An answer to the question "Does the new coronavirus exist?" All 47 prefectures in Japan.

→The only answer is, "There is no such thing, so we can't show you the actual thing or the paper sample."

Black Nobility | World Crime Syndicate
→The satan-worshipping bosses of the Roman nobility in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and other parts of Europe have been facing and guilty for the past few years. This blog covers evil organizations.
It's become difficult to find out about the past, but judging by the color of their ties and clothes, I suspect that they belong to the same faction and lineage as the Japanese 1%. Their property was confiscated, and this blog is proof that they are the same 99% as us. Only a few of the top 1% in Japan have been released yet.
→What color faction does that famous family belong to?

Answer for my friends.--------------------------------------------------
Half of the population is from the 1% tribe. There are large numbers in your neighbourhood.

I feel that the number of language versions on wikipedia indicates which faction the word is related to: most of what the 1%ers say is false, but you can't escape the numbers, colours and crypto industry terms.

For example, regular ventilation, wearing masks, hand washing and disinfection. In fact, the World Emperor's order not to store property in the future and the cryptograms of how to do it.

People who say, write and carry out these things. People who are peeringly opposed to these things. People who shut up when they hear these things. They are all 1%ers or Freemasons, even if they don't look rich.

Boxing Day - Wikipedia →41(the number of language versions on wikipedia)
Boxing Day (English: Boxing Day) is a Christian-derived holiday common in the Commonwealth countries of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, Namibia and Belize. Dated 26 December. In Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia and elsewhere, St Stephen's Day (St Stephen's Day in English, in memory of the martyr Stephen, who was stoned to death by the same Jews for stating and preaching that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, thus violating Jewish doctrine).
→ Areas with relatives.
And which faction are the Jews in this case? Were the dead ones really the right ones? It is impossible to understand what is really going on if we do not know.

It is the day after Christmas, originally called "Boxing Day" because it was the day on which churches collected donations and boxed Christmas presents for the poor. It has nothing to do with the sport of boxing, although it is spelt the same way.

It was a holiday to allow butlers and other servants who had to work on Christmas Day to spend the following day with their families, and on this day the members of the family had to do all the housework themselves, without the help of servants. On the same day, the master also put gifts in boxes and distributed them to them. In addition, the postman who delivers Christmas cards and presents is also given a Christmas box on the 26th (or the following weekday if that day is a holiday) as a token of appreciation. Bargain sales also take place.
→That there is a female 1% faction that can be compassionate towards others like this. Is it the war-loving red faction of men who do not think about these things at all?

In recent years, consumption has declined due to the spread of Black Friday and other factors, and its importance has decreased.

Black Friday (shopping) - Wikipedia →59
→Has Boxing Day been hijacked by the war-loving masculine red faction and turned into Christmas? Red Santa Claus. Operation Black Friday was launched to stop it. Black (blue, one of the colours of the World Emperors. Anti-Red Union, such as Black, the yatagalas of planning and execution), Friday (Golden Day = Moses or World Emperor's Day).

St. Stephen's Day - Wikipedia →27
Saint Stephen's Day
Organizer : Christian
kind : Christianity
date : December(12) 12 (Western Church)
December(12) 26 or January(1) 12 (Eastern Church)
Related holidays : Boxing Day (same day), Christmastide
→12 of the 12 tribes of Israel. These figures are important, including ancient histories and incidents that are absolutely non-negotiable for each faction of the 1% tribe.

Web キャプチャ_8-3-2023_14233_ja.wikipedia.org
Dingle - Wikipedia →28

→The same genuine Jews are doing this, so of course the same festivals are held in Japan, the original home of the world emperor, and also in Tohoku, where the world emperor lives, and Saga, where he landed from the continent.

1. Kase bird in Kaminoyama city - Wikipedia →no number
→Look at the cleverness of this straw costume. Very wonderfully made to be disposable. That's Japanese quality!💩 Comparison with Ireland.

→But I am concerned about the colour of the decoration the man(cloth is green) is holding, which is the colour of the red, white and black Nazi flag. The Irish one is green and no red? (The Nazis are based in the Nachi area of Japan.)

Kaminoyama city - Wikipedia →37
Kaminoyama= kami(upper, higher, god) + no(of) + yama(mountain, woman bosses top of 1%tribe). 
In Nortern Japan= world Emperor's area.

Sister cities : Donaueschingen (Baden=Württemberg, Germany),October 1995, 7 Friendship city alliance
→there is big relative famiry in this German city. 
2. Kasedori on Mijima in Saga city - Wikipedia →no number
→The blue and white are appealing, as is the area where the World Emperor is very powerful.

Saga city - Wikipedia →54
Saga! The movie Star wars is Japanese or Tokugawa family in Shizuoka story. Star means illuminaty, upper people of 1%tribe. Illumination became popular by 1%tribe for this WW3 and NWO.  

Finland and Japan are very similar. When I write Finnish friends' name and so on, I strongly agree so. Santa Claus is St.Nicolas(tribe 93). 93 means Japanese ancient Queen. We are similar blood.

Mu (manner) – Wikipedia

Moomin. In Japanese sound 6,3. Same sound in Japanese : Moo = 6 = Mu (mythical lost continent). Min means 99% tribe(us). Moomin = ancient 99 tribes in Mu(lost).

Moomin merchandise is constantly sold throughout Japan. The ancient Japanese, who also ruled the Moo continent, and the Finns, who became yellow and white, created the character Moomin to keep the Moo continent in their memories, and have created large theme parks in Japan and elsewhere to promote the character.

The Moomins are white. It is the white faction of the female lineage. The real world emperors. Winter, snow, cold weather, etc. are code for the white faction. The red faction of the male lineage, which likes violence and war, was driven out by this corona (final war, NWO). I went to the Father Christmas village in Finland and that red Santa will change colour to cherries etc.

About Tsunami and biggest earth quake in 2011/3/11. We call it as 311. After corona, 1% tribe began to open the truth, and We found 311 was manmade. But why? I found the truth by accident when I was reading a book about my hobby. 

World Emperor(Japanese, Real Israel Jew)  set an example in his own territory, in the North East of Japan, before he let the 1% tribe around the world do the flooding operation. Tsunami = 2-3-7 in the Japanese sound, an undersea man-made earthquake operation carried out by faction numbers 2, 3 and 7. The World Emperor is probably 2.
I don't know if it was 3 or 7 or the person in charge of the field, but there was a traitor. They caused more tsunamis than necessary in the World Emperor's territory and destroyed it. Did the person in charge get the strength wrong? Such excuses are not acceptable.
In the same year 2011, a sanctuary frequented by emperors from long ago was destroyed messily by flooding. The World Emperors used the weather weapon HAARP to cause heavy rainfall. (I would not have been aware of the damage to that sanctuary, the too big tsunami and the operations of the World Emperors if I had not read the hobby book).
Perhaps the faction shown in Poseidon is the culprit behind the destruction of the World Emperor's territory by the giant tsunami. People with belligerent chromosomes, hated since ultra-ancient times. Ham, Cain, etc. People from countries and regions with red and blue on their flags. They have been kicked out in this corona (NWO, world unification) and the evidence is that red and blue are disappearing one after another from all around us. There will be peace.

→I am not good at shuji. Brush pen is difficult to control.

Tokyo, Japan. World Weather Information Service (wmo.int)
→My city is warmer than tokyo. High humidity is Japanese climate features. 2 Rainy seasons, too. (1.5 month, most of all, very long time).

Underwear, neckties...Valentine's Day is diversifying. The shift away from " duty chocolates" in the workplace is growing.
2/14 (Tue) 16:09, Sankei Newspaper
Chocolates are the standard item for Valentine's Day in Japan on February 14, but online gift-giving is diversifying, with sundries such as underwear and neckties being given in place of chocolates in many cases. The number of people who wish to use "social gifts," in which gifts can be easily sent by sharing the address of a website dedicated to the recipient on a social networking service (SNS), is increasing, and the number of recipients is also changing. The number of people to whom they give gifts is also changing.

More than 30% of respondents want to use "social gifts".
The "Gift Mall," which boasts the largest number of visitors to social gift-related sites in Japan, conducted an independent analysis of the categories of products actually purchased online by users who conducted Valentine's Day-related searches on the company's site. Comparing January 1-31 of this year with the same period last year, the number of actual purchases and purchase prices for each category were analyzed.

In the ranking of the most popular products purchased, while "chocolate" (No. 1 last year) was the most popular item, "boxer shorts" (No. 11) and "underwear" (No. 9) came in at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively. Neckties," which ranked 54th last year, rose to 14th place. The Online Gift Research Institute noted, "This year, with Valentine's Day having no restrictions on activities, people are more likely to go out, so items that enhance "home time," which has been a feature of the Corona Disaster Gift, relatively decreased. The analysis shows that "wearable sundries," which can be used when going out, made a big leap forward.

The Online Gift Research Institute also conducted a "Social Gift Usage Intention Survey" from December 25 to 27 last year. Of the 2,400 men and women aged 20-59 nationwide who responded to the survey (1,200 women only for Valentine's Day and 1,200 men only for White Day), 34.7% said they would like to give a social gift on Valentine's Day, and 26.7% said they would like to give a social gift on White Day. The percentage of respondents wishing to give social gifts on White Day was also 26.7%. According to the Online Research Institute, "Social gifts are supported mainly by those in their 20s and 30s, and are used as an ideal tool for giving gifts to those with whom one has a close relationship.

Family chocolate" accounted for 40%, while "giri-chocolate" accounted for less than 10%.
Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Intage, a marketing research company, asked 1,325 women "What chocolate (chocolate for whom) will you prepare for Valentine's Day this year? The next two most popular choices were "Chocolate for myself" (13.2%) and "Chocolate for friends" (11.8%), while "Giri-chocolate" accounted for 8.2%, less than 10% of the total.

The company also conducted a survey of male and female employees (363 women and 825 men responded) on their attitudes toward "duty-choco" in the workplace, and found that 82.8% of the women responded that they did not want to participate, surpassing the 80% mark. The survey also revealed that 61.4% of the male respondents were "not happy" about receiving "duty choco" as a gift, highlighting the conspicuously negative views of both men and women.

Hiromasa Tanaka, director of the Sei-katsu-sha Research Center operated by the company, analyzes, "People see Valentine's Day as a 'wonderful event' and an opportunity to say 'thank you' or have a good day to their friends, family (husbands), or themselves. (Eisuke Asano)
→In Japan, Valentine's Day is a day for women to confess their feelings to the person they love, for women to give gifts to men, and for men to give chocolate as a gift. There must have been a variety of agendas, including candy makers (Morinaga Seika = former Prime Minister Abe's wife's family in Lee's Korea, those with chocolate interests (including dentists who would be happy to see the custom of eating chocolate), Christians, and the policy of the feminine Moses Izumo tribe who wanted to strengthen women. But these imposed customs are slowly coming to an end, it seems. It is annoying to spend money and time on men in companies women don't much like.


Gender-reversal transgender love of the Satan-worshipping 1% tribe.
-> I think the videos and other information presented on this page are mixed with spin and other false information. In the meantime, keep a lot of information and we will know what is true once we have accumulated a lot of information.
The highest barrier for me is the rumor that Brad Pitt is a woman. But since the 1%ers are pros at all kinds of dupes like twins, doubles, cloned humans, CG, etc., it would be easy to reverse the gender. Cherry illustrations and merchandise are popular, but that means they are using twins as a strategy. It has been exposed that Queen Elizabeth II also had sisters playing the role of queen.

A church in Japan. A traditional Japanese New Year's decoration was a cross. Unbelievable, impossible! But after Corona, I found out that the real Jewish Japanese created early Christianity, and Western Christianity was created by imitating them. Christ is also Japanese. So the New Year's decoration of the cross is not a mistake. Japanese people enjoy the pleasures of Christmas decorations, eating cake and chicken, but we don't pray or give thanks in a religious way. However, the most festive Christmas decorations are in Japan. (When I went to Europe at Christmas time, I was surprised to find it very plain). In fact, it is the Japanese who celebrate Christmas the most.

But the real emperors of the world seem to be Jewish and Christians are disliked because they seem to have caused a lot of trouble over the millennia. (Christianity in particular is very complicated, because even if they are shown as Christians, they can be of Japanese blood on the Jewish side or white). The NWO has been a success and the former 1% tribe of Christians seems to be gradually being reduced.

In addition, don't worry about the religious factions, as we, the 99% tribe, are not subject to them.

Even in Buddhism, Buddhist flowers are Christmas trees!?💩 For the Japanese there are no religious barriers. That's why they are peaceful.

Ex-FBI exposes illuminati. (1987).

→Satan worshipers in the West have also been active for the NWO of the world emperor. And they look like they're playing villains. But the way it works is too bad. Since ancient times (?), they have been hated by the Japanese 1% tribe. Since Japan controls the world, it seems that Japanese Satanists need not be such a visible target. But the most terrifying thing seems to be Japanese devil worshipers.

School holiday, public holiday. 
This has improved a little in the last few years, but the Japanese are slaves to the "world's best quality, work 24/7 for cheap pay or no pay without complaining" treatment, so the state is attempting to increase the number of days off as much as possible, for example by creating public holidays. Of course, anniversaries and curses for them are made public holidays and there are no real holidays for the 99%.

Comparison of School Summer, Winter, and Spring Vacation Days by Prefecture of Japan.

Are there many public holidays in Japan? Differences from overseas in terms of the number of school days in elementary school of Japan.

fly up
https://www.nhk.or.jp/ Fly up.
→The age of light blue and white goddesses soaring high in the sky! (Drama broadcast daily on Japanese public television. Normal Japanese people watch it while they eat.)

→Map of the most powerful factions' dominions disguised as weather forecasts.

→Why did Messi and light blue and white Argentina win the FIFA World Cup? It is all a statement that the 'real emperor of the world' has come to the fore, that the NWO is complete. It may not be an accurate way of putting it if we think about it in detail, but it is the resurrection of Christ and the birth of the millennium: the AI controls the world and the 1% tribe has been reduced to the 99% tribe through confiscation and reduction of property because they keep getting in the way.

meshi japanese at DuckDuckGo
Messi=meshi(one of names for rice in Japanese)=Mose team.
10=ten=ten means ruler of heaven, earth and all things in Japanese.
10=[juu] in Japanese=jew.

→Balls that can be measured by AI with a 0.5 mm error, which is also a lie? There is no such thing as a virus and there is no such thing as an AI ball. All lies. All sports are also scripted. Sports and competitions originated from political issues. Winning and losing are loaded with meaning and curses.

Japan wanted to reach the final tournament for the first time ever. But as expected, the Japanese team was not capable of winning the tournament and the lies would be exposed, so boss put on the colours of the real Japan and won the Argentine team, which they had invested a lot of money to raise.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (2022/11/20-2022/12/18).
Spanish coach denies Japan's VAR misjudgement image is 'made up'. Major controversy abroad.
Friday 2 Dec, 7:16, THE ANSWER.
Qatar World Cup, Japan-Spain match. According to the As newspaper, after the match, Enrique was asked if there were photos that clearly showed that the goal had broken the line, but he denied it, saying, "I think those photos were made up." On the reverse loss, he said, "We are lucky that every four years the team gets crushed like this. Otherwise it would be unbearable" and looked desperately forward.

→Spain's coach Enrique's true opinion: "We can't go along with the farce and the deceit, which is too much. Give me a break." All famous people are freemason and they have to play according to the boss's script, it's hard. 💩

Sad news:The flag of the Japan of the Edo period, it was not the Japanese flag.
→World boss "For 200 years we let the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other Western relatives run the country, but that's enough. With the NWO, the Western 1% tribe is almost gone, and now we will return to the original Japan and make the world Japanese".

Light blue is the colour of Tokugawa family, i.e. Shizuoka.

Dark side of Swiss. The more good impressions a country gives, the more frightening it is behind the scenes. These articles are information that was spread and popular long ago. They are not particularly rare. The 1% tribe sends information to the 99% tribe saying, "Dear 99% tribe, this is the truth, please take a look".
Switzerland's relations with the rest of the world - the real ruling power behind Switzerland.

Alpine Satanic Ritual. World's longest railway tunnel opening ceremony.


→But the scariest thing is Japan, you know?💩←hey

tuskegee experiment

Japanese Real Emperor's 731 unit, too.
https://ameblo.jp/z777x888/entry-11960172577.html (short)
http://kingo2.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-59.html (long)
Rabbi Abraham Cooper (Deputy Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center):
When you let scientists and doctors do whatever they want, they act like gods.

→This word is everything, right? So was Corona. It's just that people who don't think about anything are sorted out at school and labeled as elite. Since the white faction started writing a news article saying, ``Let's end memorization education,'' they're going to get rid of them too.

In addition, there are about four major factions in Japan, and various attacks have caused world wars, catastrophes, and major accidents, but they are too complicated and too hidden to understand. Everything will be announced now. Some faction in Japan did the atomic bombing themselves. America is the villain.

→Ground Detonation Hypothesis of Giant Magnesium Bomb.

Bill Gates is Japanese. "Bill Gates Nakasone(Wife of ex. P.M.)"
スクリーンショット 2023-02-02 034750スクリーンショット 2023-02-02 034705
→All and more...Same faces💩 This woman (Bill Gates' mom, ex.Prime Minister wife) in center is in the strongest tribe no.1.

→There are many Bidens and Trumps of different factions. Jim Carrey's Biden is apparently out of contract.

→Vaccine is 2 doses, zero immunity, HIV. I've heard it's poison since the third time. This is because if you hit the poison from the beginning, the natural immunity will react and the vaccine will be found to be the culprit. People who don't have the habit of thinking will come to vaccinate without frightening them, so let's reduce the number of elderly people who don't want such people. The 1% say so in their book. Anyone with a field or livestock can do that.
You should inoculate with the amino acid 5-ALA. The reason governments and doctors have been coming for decades to stop drinking and smoking is because the vaccine crisis will get worse.

If you want to live, think more for yourself.

Corona and vaccines have many meanings, so it's better not to think that everything is a medical act targeting the 99%. The 1% group puts more than one thing into one thing and does it at the same time.

→Maintenance costs for the main stadium for the Tokyo Olympics.The total from Sydney to Rio exceeds 248 billion yen.
252000000000 JPY = 1,781,640,000 EUR.
Now that I think about it, this may have been a payment for some other covert NWO construction or operation, a payment to some faction, or a payment to the royal family for interest on the Emperor's Gold Bullion Fund. It is a small amount of money for the Japanese 1% people who are the bosses of the world.

This is the Rio Olympics, but the opening ceremonies are all rituals for the curse of Satanism. Because the 1% are occult.

Hotel Rwanda
→sorry, I was wrong. It's Rwanda, not Uganda!

Life in snow country in Japan
comparison snow train swiss
→The top heavy snow cities in the world are all in Japan's snowfall zones. A little bit won't stop the trains, buses or schools.

Too much snow = attack by white team (boss Japan, Japanese relatives around the world, anti-red team). damaged in war.
Almost no snow = abandoned by the white team. A warning declaration that trouble awaits the area.
They act like gods with weather manipulation. As you can find by searching, the white team is releasing information to encourage your awakening.